Yoga with Julie - Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit
Gentle Yoga:
 This is a combination of meditative and deeply-opening passive poses.
Focusing on the breath, awareness and proper alignment as l guide you through creative visualizations and use aromatherapy.
Great for beginners and advance students to welcome soft openings.
Gentle Flow:   
Incorporates flowing sequences into a slow, calm practice. Learn alignment and attention to detail cultivate greater depth, ease and sustainability in your flow practice. Perfect for beginners or advance students to welcome soft openings and mind body spirit awareness.
Vinyasa Flow:
A lighthearted class combing traditional postures with Vinyasa transitions. Students will harmonize the breath with a series of asana (postures) linked together in a natural, flowing sequence. Class includes basic techniques, gentle adjustments, core strengthening and fun. A multi-level class suitable for anyone that is already physically active.
Dynamic Yoga:
A dynamic system of practicing asana, linking breath to movement. Builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and concentration. Sequencing is often built around sun salutations. Suitable for intermediate and advance students. Please have a solid foundation of sun salutations. Great class for those who have had a least 30 Yoga classes.
Come join the fun!!! All levels, all ages, all people are welcome to join the AcroYoga Community. This class provides a safe environment to explore trust, connection & playfulness. Julie will combine elements from Yoga, Acrobatics & Thai Massage. The class can include: asana sequences, partner Yoga, assisted inversions, basic partner acrobatics. therapeutic flying & Thai massage.
 No partner needed!
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