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After 25 years of practicing Yoga I am super excited to offer my first foundational 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. This training is perfect for you if you desire to inspire others to a more conscious open integrated life - or to deepen your own personal practice with a sincere commitment to self- transformation.

This residential program will take place every weekend for 13 weeks and will allow you the time to digest, process, implement the scared science of Yoga into your daily life.

Learn to truly teach, it's not about memorizing & reciting sequences. Instead an emphasis is placed on teaching principles for clearly instructing students bodies into alignment. Letting your inner light shine and being authentic. This program will equip you with all the necessary tools to start teaching Yoga & at the same time the course will deepen your knowledge of your self taking you on a inner journey on & off your mat, which is the ultimate practice of Yoga.

The training is primarily a fusion of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa flow. In addition we will dive into Gentle, Restorative, and Partner Yoga. This training has a traditional emphasis, delving deeper into Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation. We will explore many viewpoints & pathways of the Yoga Tradition, Unity & acceptance of many paths to One Divine Source is emphasized.

We will be doing our training on the beautiful Island of Maui on the west side in Lahaina at Island Spirit Yoga Studio. It truly is a healing sanctuary!

Teacher Training Includes:   

* Yoga Asana & Pranayama          *The Energy Body & Chakra Awareness

* Teaching Methodology               *Introduction to Sanskrit Terminology

*Basic Ayurvedic Concept             *Chanting, Mantra's and Mudra's

*The Yoga Sutas of Patanjali        *Yogic History & Philosophy

*The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga    *The use of Therapeutic Essential Oils

*The Business of Yoga                    *The Art of Sequencing & Hands on Adjustments

*Meditation & Consciousness       *Cultivating Your Inner Voice

*Anatomy & Physiology                 *Informed use of props to improve or modify as an 

                                                             *Seat of the Teacher Training Manual

*All my Yoga classes are inclusive during your three month training

Breakdown of hours:

84 hours Training Techniques: Structurally aligned asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, cultivating your teaching voice.

30 hours Teaching Methodology: Creative & effective sequencing, hands on techniques, observation, assisting, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student's process of learning.

20 hours Functional Anatomy & Physiology: Primary muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. As well as the Energetic body and Chakra Awareness.

30 hours Yogic Philosphy- Ethics- Life Style:Historical classic roots, Ayurveda, Modern evolutions in Yoga, Yoga Sutras, The Eight Limbed Path of Raja Yoga.

20 hours Practicum: Practice teaching from your own heart and wisdom. You will guide a class and receive constructive feedback and will take practices from fellow students and provide constructive feedback.

16 Yoga additional Yoga classes :Enjoy classes from me or another ERYT teacher and you will log your hours.

Requirements for certification:

Please have at least one year of a constant Yoga Practice. Full participation & 100% attendance at all components of the 200 hour teacher training is required. Completion of independent study materials, homework and non contact hours assignments. There will also we a written test at the end of course.

An example of our daily schedule:

10:30-12:00   Yoga Asana/ Pranayama

12:00-12:45    Break

12:45-2:45      Yoga Philosophies/ Sutras

2:45-4:45        In Depth Asana Study

                          Asana Focus: Vinyasa/ Surya Namaskaram

                          Energetic Focus: 1st Chakra /Muladhara

                          Pranayama: Deergha Swasam

4;45- 5:00       Break

5:00- 6:30      Asana Practice/ teaching methodology

6:30 -7:00      Karma Yoga , on a set schedule each student will take a night to help clean up the studio .

Price of Investment:


$2,700. Early Bird when you pay deposit before Dec. 31st 2016

Deposit of $500 (non refundable)

Acceptance into program is by application and interview. Space is limited to 12 students .Please call or e-mail me . 808-280-9391

You will be eligible to apply for 200 hr RYT Yoga Alliance certification at the end of program. 

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